L'OCCITANE offers high quality beauty products and fragrances, developed following the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Our textures and fragrances are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle: using a L'OCCITANE product is always a moment of well-being and sensory delight. We follow a strict formulation charter to guarantee the best quality, the best efficiency, and an optimal pleasure of use, while respecting people and environment. We strive to use high-quality, traceable, natural ingredients. We use over 200 botanical ingredients, a quarter of them organic certified, which are carefully selected for their effectiveness and their ability to give your skin the elements it needs to be beautiful. These ingredients are used at an ideal concentration in our formulas. We therefore systematically give priority to natural ingredients whenever possible. For example, we use vegetable oils in place of oils derived from petrochemicals, as they have a better affinity with the skin. However to ensure that our products offer optimum safety and effectiveness, we may use synthetic molecules when no reliable and effective natural alternative exists, while always erring on the side of caution.

Active Ingredients

We source from local and sustainable agricultural sectors, from Provence and the Mediterranean. We also use ingredients with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.), such as lavender P.D.O. Haute-Provence.

Certified Traceability

Should questions arise regarding any of our ingredients in relation to health (parabens, phthalates, aluminum salts…) or the environment (silicones, SLES…), we revise our formulas, applying precautionary measures, and so anticipate any legal changes.

Respectful Cosmetics

Respect for the Earth: L’OCCITANE is committed to limiting the impact of its actions and products, on the environment and on the local populations. The quest for a harmony with nature is one of the key values at the heart of L'OCCITANE. The preservation of cultures that are in danger is also one of our priorities.
Respect for the skin: All our products are dermatologically tested by independent laboratories, in order to assure their safety
Respect for animals: Since its creation, L'OCCITANE has defended the animal cause by refusing to use in its formulas any animal origin products except products that derive from the beehive. 

Research & Innovation

L'OCCITANE invests heavily in research, and has its own research lab in natural cosmetics, located in the heart of the Haute-Provence, in Manosque.

A Team of Experts

A team of 80 researchers is constantly working to develop the best formulas, which are regularly subject of patents, proving that we use our natural active ingredients in a unique and effective way. Our researchers are also guarantors of the good manufacturing of our products, which are mostly produced in our factory in Manosque. We therefore control all stages of creation and manufacturing of our products.

Natural Ingredient Research

The observation of nature guides our research. The behavior of plants often tells a lot about their properties, such as immortelle, the flower that never fades, which has exceptional anti-aging properties. After observing the behavior of plants, we develop extraction processes that allow us to obtain the extracts concentrated in active ingredients: the real quintessence of the plant. They are subjected to numerous tests to prove their efficiency and safety, in partnership with universities and hospitals. For example, we have set up a laboratory at the forefront of scientific innovation, using the principles of cosmetogenomics: this science consists of studying the stimulation of genes in response to the application of a cosmetic product. The goal is to intervene at the origin of biological phenomena, to ensure optimal efficiency combined with safety.

Key Figures

A team of 80 experts and researchers 200 new formulas each year 14 patents registered since 2001 More than 500 safety & efficacy tests Over 300 plant-based ingredients Traceability and direct sourcing from our 50 partner producers/pickers


The essential functions of packaging are not necessarily compatible with environmental concerns. L’OCCITANE has decided to follow precise guidelines, with the goal of constantly and gradually reducing the environmental impact of its packaging. We have therefore chosen an eco-design approach, selecting materials that are the least polluting or already recycled, using resources that are renewable or that come from sustainably managed forests, and designing easily recyclable packaging. All of this is detailed in a company eco-design charter. We have stopped using outer packaging whenever possible, have reduced the weight of primary packaging, and evaluate the environmental impact of each new product from its initial conception through to its development: this is a determining factor for a product's launch. For this reason, we offer more and more eco-refills for our toiletries, as this type of packaging uses 80% less plastic than a bottle, and use green plastic whenever possible.

How to Recycle Our Products?

Some of our products are 100% recyclable, but for most of them, you will have to separate the recyclable part from the waste part of packaging. Here are some examples of recyclable materials: All of our paper boxes All of our plastic & glass bottle As well as our aluminum bottles, boxes and tubes On the contrary, the pumps as well as metallic caps are not recyclable. In case you are unsure, feel free to contact us or ask to your sales associate!

Customer Favorites

Searching for gift ideas or looking to improve your beauty routine?  See what our users enjoy most!  There is no more impartial jury that L'OCCITANE customers worldwide.  Our list of customer favorites includes all the essentials: face care, body care and hair care, plus fragrances.

Our Awards

The L’OCCITANE team works diligently to ensure that our products offer an effective and pleasing experience.  We are always thrilled to receive positive reviews from our consumers and honored when we receive special recognition for our products. Over the years, L’OCCITANE has received a number of awards, from our signature Shea Butter Hand Cream to our range of Immortelle anti-aging skincare products.  We are delighted to share with you some of the most recent reviews!

Awards in the US

InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012

Shea Butter Hand Cream “This ultra-hydrating (yet never greasy) formulation soothes even the most parched hands.

Elle Green Stars 2011

Verbena Body Salt Scrub “Slough away roughness with Mediterranean salts and lemon extracts in the “super gentle” [scrub] for smooth skin

Fitness Beauty Awards 2011

Pivoine Flora Hand Cream “Housed in a gym-bag friendly tube, the shea butter-laced lotion ‘plumps skin immediately,’ one reader reported. ‘I’m addicted to its girly scent.

Fitness Beauty Awards 2011

Immortelle Brightening Moisture Mask “Packed with radiance-boosting natural extracts, this creamy formula left users skin smooth ‘I’m making it part of my weekly skin-care regimen, one told us.

Babble 50 Awards 2011

Lavender Foaming Bath “Its large, frothy bubbles don’t deflate mid-soak (like many others tend to) and the authentic scent – reminiscent of a true lavender farm – revitalize mind and body.”

Village Stuff We Love Awards 2011

Shea Hand Cream - Beauty Product We Hope Never Gets Discontinued “With a generous 20 % shea butter, this cream is super-rich and thick, yet it’s non-greasy and absorbs really quickly. It magically heals and rejuvenates dry, damaged hands and feet overnight!”

SELF Healthy Beauty Award 2010

Shea Fabulous Serum - Best All Around Serum “A shot of shea butter in this 'very creamy' serum protects against damage from pollution and free radicals.

Awards in the UK

InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012

Shea Butter Foot Cream - Best Foot Cream, Hall of Fame “An ideal solution for dry, cracked heels, this is super absorbent and smells divine – for an extra treat, massage into the legs

Stylist Skincare Awards 2011

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub - Best Luxury Body Scrub “Injected with skin smoothing shea, this body buffer seriously impressed out judges. And 69% of our readers agreed!

Harper’s Bazaar 2011 Beauty Hot 100

Shea Butter Hand Cream - Best Hand Cream “From the buttery-rich but non greasy Shea Butter Hand Cream (like a quenching face mask for hands) to the delicately scented Rose Hand Cream and the super light Lavender version (our summer pick for hydrated hands), we love them all.

Women & Home Beauty Awards 2011

Immortelle Very Precious Regenerating Concentrate - Best Super Serum “Leaves skin dewy and nourished

Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2011

Shea Ultra Rich Foaming Bath - Favourite Bath Product “L’OCCITANE’s milky, silky foam came top in this new category. Rich in softening and protecting shea milk, it’s also free of the synthetic colourants that pollute many other bath products. Cleopatra would approve.

Awards in France

Venus Beauté Award 2009

Immortelle Precious Cream - Best Skincare (Other Channels) “Essential oil made from the immortelle flower has repairing properties. Concentrated in micro-capsules, it is combined with moisturisers and vitamins A and E to restore suppleness to the skin.”

Avantages Magazine Award 2010

Immortelle Divine Cream Beauty - Innovation Prize (Speciality Stores)

Santé Magazine Award 2010 - Beauty, Health Prize

Immortelle Divine Cream

Santé Magazine Award 2011

Immortelle Divine Extract - Beauty, Health Prize “A fresh serum with a delicate texture, concentrated in organic immortelle and myrtle essential oils. Its result is smooth skin, enhanced radiance and significantly improved age spots.

Fragrance Foundation Award 2011 & 2012

Eau de Toilette Pivoine Flora - Best Feminine Fragrance in Specialty Stores

Venus Beauté Award 2011

Immortelle Divine Extract - Best Face Skincare (Other Channels) “Used since ancient times for its exceptional regenerating properties, immortelle essential oil is concentrated in this anti-wrinkle care with velvety finish.