Immortelle Cream Mask

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Immortelle Cream Mask


Rich and luscious, this mask provides all the comfort, softness, smoothness and protection that the skin needs.

Ultra-rich texture of Immortelle Cream Mask boasts truly nourishing properties and keeps you skin comfortable whatever the weather, particularly during very cold periods. Its specific formulation combines pure immortelle essential oil - for instant action - with the same essential oil concentrated in microcapsules, for action that lasts all day. It also contains moisturising agents, restructuring vitamin A, vitamin E with anti-free radical action and rice peptides for improved cellular nutrition and oxygenation.

The skin is smooth, moisturised, intensively nourished and comfortable. It stays youthful and fresh even longer. The complexion is fresh, radiant and even.



Dry to very dry skin: as a cream, apply to clean face and neck in the evening.



Normal to dry skin: as a mask, apply a thick layer all over the face and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Simply remove any excess with a tissue. Alternatively, rinse off with Essential Water for face. Use once or twice a week.


It’s luxurious, it’s indulgent, it’s Divine. L’OCCITANE’s innovative formulas combine the powerful anti-aging properties of organic Immortelle essential oil with a complex of nutritious plant-derived active ingredients. The result is an award-winning line of premium products that fights wrinkles and the effects of pollution - turning back the clock to reveal firmer, more radiant skin. Immortelle Divine

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