Body Moisturizers

Kick dry skin to the curb! Protect your face, neck and chest with one of our fabulous face moisturizers, with formulas for every skin type. Our natural moisturizers are infused with essential oils and organic ingredients that quench all kinds of skin, from the driest to the most sensitive. Always non-comedogenic, so breakouts are a thing of the past!

Body Moisturizers (41)

86 Intense Musk Rose Body Cream
200ml | 199 SAR
86 Intense Amber Almond Body Cream
200ml | 199 SAR
86 Intense Oud Praline Body Cream
200ml | 199 SAR
Almond Milk Veil
240ml | 176 SAR 229 SAR
Almond Milk Concentrate
200ml | 230 SAR 299 SAR
Almond Delightful Body Balm
100ml | 145 SAR 189 SAR
Almond Milk Concentrate  Eco-Refil
200ml | 176 SAR 229 SAR
Almond Shower Oil
500ml | 160 SAR 209 SAR
Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream
200ml | 249 SAR
Shea Fabulous Oil
100ml | 189 SAR
Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion
250ml | 169 SAR
Néroli & Orchidée Body Milk
250ml | 165 SAR

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